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Burntollet Sons Of Ulster

Burntollet Sons Of Ulster


Claudy Village




Ebrington Business Centre
Glendermott Road

Tuesday – 8pm



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Having been dedicated by the Rev Ian Paisley, the band held its first parade through the village of Claudy in June 1979 and ever since Burntollet Sons of Ulster have been marching the streets of Northern Ireland.

In the months leading up to the band’s dedication, the band was formed by local young boys from Claudy and the surrounding areas in the latter months of 1978. Most of these boys had no real musical experience so they got help from the experienced members of the talented Sergeant Lindsey Mooney Memorial Flute Band to teach them how to flute and drum.

The first band practice was held in Kildoag ‘B’ Hut and since then they have moved around the area to various halls. The band now practices in Fawney Hall just outside Drumahoe every Tuesday night. In the early years of the band, members leaving band practice had to go home to soothe sore knuckles from having made mistakes in learning; such was the enthusiasms of their teachers and the passion of the band.

Burntollet Sons of Ulster marched their first “Twelfth” in Coleraine in 1979. The band had included three guest members that year that formed the Pride of the Orange and Blue Flute Band Newbuildings who are still going strong to this day. Burntollet Sons of Ulster have since paraded with different Orange lodges – with the Scott Goligher Memorial Lodge for many years until recently. Now the band proudly leads the Claudy LOL 649.

The band also takes part in many Apprentice Boys of Derry engagements. Burntollet Sons of Ulster proudly lead the Apprentice Boys of Derry Parent Club every year on parade in the two major Apprentice Boys parades (Relief of Derry celebrations and Shutting of the Gates celebrations). The band also has a close relationship with the ABOD Campsie Parent Club by regularly leading the club for the annual Easter Monday parade and the Campsie Club initiation day.

Burntollet have paraded around most of Northern Ireland throughout the years and have enjoyed many events in Scotland with the Cardenden Lodge in Fife. The band has marched in England and the Republic of Ireland through the years.


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