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Music Bursary

Music Bursary

As part of a music bursary project run at the beginning of the year, two groups of musicians from the bands forum take part. One saw a group of young musicians from the Britannia Band learn under a master and apprentice programme over a number of weeks. Six young musicians two trombone players, two clarinet players and two horn players leaned a new piece of music under the guidance of experinced tutors over a number of weeks. They then preformed these pieces as part of a charity concert the band were performing at in gortnessy church hall.


Below is a link to footage of the young players playing:

<iframe width=”854″ height=”480″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


The second group of musicians was four flute players, bagpiper and drummer from local bands from in forum. They worked with Birmingham based composer Sid Peacock adapting a few tunes Darren Milligan (Bagpiper) had written. The group then played these piece at a pack Burns evening hosted by Sollus in the White Horse hotel.

Below is a clip of the group preforming at the event